Northern New York Amateur Radio Association (NNYARA)

Get Your Amateur Radio License Now !

Because hams have great flexibility to transmit on a wide number of frequencies using many different modes and power levels up to 1500 watts, a license is required to transmit.

There are currently three license classes: Technician, General, and Extra. (The old Novice and Advanced licenses are no longer being issued, although people holding those licenses can renew them). To obtain a license you must pass a multiple question test. There is no longer any requirement to know Morse code.

The Technician license is the entry level license. The Technician exam consists of 35 questions on FCC regulations, operating procedures, and some very basic radio technology. The General and Extra class licenses confer additional operating privileges, and the exam questions are of a more in depth technical nature.

The license itself is free. The license exams are given by volunteer examiners and there is a small charge to cover the cost of testing materials and facilities. Some volunteer examine groups offer regular test sessions and others schedule tests when there is enough demand. See the web site for 'local' testing information.

Some clubs offer license classes. There are a number of books and other materials you can buy, plus a ton of free resources for self-study available on the Internet. Any Internet search will turn up loads of resuts.

Here are a few:

Ham Academy by AH0A (on line or downloadable practice tests)

On-line Video License Prep by Dave Casler KEØOG

On-line Video License Prep by the Ham Whisperer Andy Vallenga KE4GKP

The Black River Valley Amateur Radio Club has a page with links to all sorts of technical resources, equipment vendors, etc..