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Northern New York Amateur Radio Association (NNYARA)

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The Northern New York Amateur Radio Association is composed of ham radio clubs in the Adirondack Mountains and adjacent areas of northern New York State stretching from the Canadian border to the Northern Catskills.

The official ARRL NNY Section encompasses Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Jefferson, Lewis, Montgomery, St. Lawrence, and Schoharie counties. However any individual or club can attend our meetings and events and join the NNYARA, no matter what ARRL section you are actually in. If you or your club identifies more with Northern New York than Western or Eastern New York, we invite you to join NNYARA and send your club info to be listed on this web site. Individuals and clubs are encouraged to join NNYARA.

If you're not yet licensed, we invite you to learn more. Come join us at a meeting or event such as Field Day. Amateur Radio is a fascinating and educational hobby, and is also a valuable personal and community communications resource in emergency and emergency situations.

If you are interested in becoming a ham, please contact your local club. There are also many free resources available to help you study for your license exam.

NNY Emergency and Public Service Communications Information (ARES, RACES, MARS) [click here]


You are encouraged to check in to the New York State Traffic and Emergency Net (NYSPTEN) on 3925 at 6 PM
(and the New York Public Operations Net at 5 PM and Second Region Net at 6:30 PM if you want to handle formal traffic),
and/or monitor or call on 3925 after these nets if you are looking for NNY stations.

The North Country Group start time is now 8:00 Sunday morning on 3958. The frequency is also used for other NNY activities.

October 2020: KC2WI is looking for info on digital repeaters in and around NNY so that a directory can be added to this page. Please contact Pete if you have information. A really really relly good way would be by sending a Radiogram.

November 2020: Rocco WU2M has created a NNYARA discussion group on All NNY hams are encouraged to join especially if you are not a Facebook user.

EVENTS: de KC2WI.Please send updates or events you would like included.

CANCELLED May TIRC Hamfest Depauville FD Thousands Islands Repeater Club Breakfast available
CANCELLED June Communications for the Black Fly Challenge mountain bike race. Contact Dennis N2LBT.
June 13~15 ARRL VHF QSO Party. Perfect opportunity for some mountaintop operation.
June 27~28 Field Day weekend. See ARRL Field Day locator or contact your local club. Due to "social distancing" concerns, operations may be different this year. Talks in progress for coordinated FD operations across the section. Please contact NNY SEC KC2WI.
June 27 Communications for the Tupper Lake Tinman Triathlon OPERATORS NEEDED
August 1 Communications for the Lane 10K Lake Run, Lake Pleasant/Speculator - Hamilton County ARC - operators needed. Contact KC2GCH
August 16~18 Communications for the St. Lawrence Jr. Carp Tournament - OVARC - OPERATORS NEEDED. Contact WA2NAN.
CANCELLED August Communications for the Woodsmens 10K Run, Boonville - operators needed. Contact KC2WI or WD2ADX.
TBD if interest NNYARA Summer Picnic and swapfest
CANCELLED Sept. 11~13 Communications for the Adirondack Canoe Classic "90 Miler" Old Forge-Long Lake-Saranac Lake please contact AARA / KC2VMF if you can help
CANCELLED September Ham Picnic, Camping, etc. @ Kring Point State Park. K2P Special Event. All hams welcome. See Thousands Islands Repeater Club website for info. 1721 Roundtable Group / 7272 Ragchew Net / 7192 Nightwatch Net and VE3ORF/3730 Group (Cancelled due to park COVD restrictions.)
October ... MARS/DOD COMEX 20-4 will be occuring in October. It will be a series of activites spread out over most of the month including interface with Amateur Radio operators to gather information and pass traffic including ICS-213 messages. There will be informantion and instructions broadcast on 60 meters, and MARS operators will be on 60 meters looking for contacts with hams. Traffic will be passed through NTS and RRI. NNY stations should check in to the New York State Phone Traffic and Emergency Net (held every evening at 6:00 PM on 3925) to facilitate contacts and traffic handling. MARS would like to dovetail this with your local ARRL ARES SET activity. Please contact NNY SEC KC2WI for details.
October 3 + ARRL Simulated Emergency Test and MARS/DOD COMEX 20-4. NNY Section-wide HF voice net 9:00AM Saturday morning on 3958 +/-. Alt. 3925 +/-. May switch to digital frequency based on participant interest and capabilities. Please contact NNY SEC KC2WI for details.
Southern district will be conducting repeater propagation tests from EOCs and critical locations 9~12. Contact Rocco WU2M for details.
Please contact your county EC for additional info on local activity.
October 4 + ARRL Simulated Emergency Test and MARS/DOD COMEX 20-4. The 8AM North Country Group Net will dedicated to SET activity until all traffic or other business is completed.
Hamilton County will be installing a new antenna on the Oak Mountain repeater in the afternoon. Contact Bill K2LML for details.
October 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25 MARS/DOD COMEX 20-4: 60 Meter Interoperability Nets at noon local time. All hams invited to check in.
October 17 New York QSO Party 10 AM-10 PM
TBD NNY NBEMS digital messaging training - Webinars and on-air practice. TBD based on interest/availability. Please contact NNY SEC KC2WI.
Suggested activity: Fall Field Day. This could be combined with SET, NYQP or some other on-air event. Get out as a group or individually to test out 'lessons learned' from previous Field Days or make up for the cancellation of the summer FD activities. Please contact NNY SEC KC2WI if interested.

Nearby Hamfests:
 TBD - NNYARA hamfest and meeting
 May - TIRC Hamfest @ Depauville FD Thousands Islands Repeater Club
 July - Syracuse RAGS Hamfest (Cicero) See for details
 July - Utica Hamfest 'RADIOCOMM' @ Deerfield FD. See for details
 September - Saratoga Hamfest (Ballston Spa) See for info

Please see club web sites for additional listings and details. Clubs - please submit important events you would like listed on this page.
The NNYARA Facebook group and page, and the NNYARA discussion group on are also available for information sharing.
For real-time discussion check in to the 8:00 AM Sunday morning North Country Group net on 3958 or the NYSPTEN on 3925 at 6:00 PM every day.


Adirondack Fire Towers On The Air: NNYARA is promoting operation from current and former fire tower mountains. We'd like to coordinate operations to enhance the chances of making contacts, and eventually have a system of awards and recognition. If you are planning to operating from a current or former Adirondack Fire Tower location - or any other interesting location in ate Adirondacks - let others know by posting on the FireTowerRadio Yahoo Group. For more information, you can also KC2WI.

June and September ARRL VHF QSO Party: Second full weekend in June and second full weekend in September. Begins 1800 UTC Saturday, runs through 0259 UTC Monday. Perfect opportunity for Adirondack fire tower or other mountaintop operations. All NNY stations encouraged to participate just using using a 2 meter HT or mobile on simplex frequencies. See this page for suggestions and details.

Field Day in NNY: Please check the ARRL Field Day Locator for information. Generally there are Field Days in Long Lake (Hamilton County), Gloversville (Fulton County), and Jefferson County.

I would like to add a full NNY Net Directory to the NNYARA web site. Please email information about your net(s) to KC2WI.

The North Country Group meets Sunday mornings on 3958 starting at 8:00 AM.

The Top Band SSB Net meets 8:30 PM Wednesdays on 1945. KC2VMF in St. Regis Falls is usually net control.

You may hear NNY stations in the evening on the NYPON on 3925 at 5 PM, or the NYS Phone, Traffic, & Emergency Net on 3925 at 6 PM.

You may hear NNY Stations on the Graveyard Net 3967 6 - 8 AM, Carrier Net 3935 weekday and Saturday mornings at 9 AM (eastern) or the pre-net at 8:30; and ECARS 7255 8 AM - 2 PM weekdays and 8 AM - Noon weekends (winter only).

The NY-NBEMS Training Net is held Saturdays 8 AM. Center Frequency is 3585.5 (USB). Initial mode for check ins is THOR 22. (info updated 5/9/20, check Yahoo group for latest.) or contact NNY SEC KC2WI.

The Northern New York Emergency Services Net meets at 7:30 AM and 7 PM daily on the Whiteface repeater.

The Northern New York Hospital Emergency Net is held quarterly 6:15 PM the first Tuesday of January, April, July, October on the Whiteface repeater.

The AARA/CVARC emergency communications training net is held 7:30 PM every third Tuesday on the Whiteface repeater.

Check club web sites for local VHF/UHF nets.

NORTHERN NEW YORK AREA VHF REPEATERS:     Web page information current as of November 25, 2020.* Download Repeater/Club List (pdf) (may not be latest)
*If info in this list is incorrect it is because club/repeater owners have not notified me of changes.
Attention NNYARA Clubs: Please email information about your repeater(s) to KC2WI.

Location Frequency PL
Amsterdam 145.210 - 71.9 Fulmont
Blue Mountain 147.075 + 71.9 N2MNT / Hamilton County RACES
Boonville (Jackson Hill) 146.655 - n/a KC2NBU Boonville ARC (Echolink node KD2AIT)
Carthage 146.700 - 151.4 WB2OOY
Cobleskill 146.610 - 123.0 WA2ZWM Schoharie County Amateur Radio Association
Copenhagen (Tug Hill) 147.255 + 151.4 CANAMARA / Jefferson County ARES/RACES
Corinth (Spruce Mt) 147.000 + 91.5 K2DLL Saratoga Co. ARA / RACES linked with Edinburg, Providence
Edinburgh (Fraker Mt.) 147.030 + 91.6 K2DLL linked with Corinth, Providence
Fine 147.135 + 151.4 WA2NAN Oswegatchie Valley ARC / STL RACES. Solar Powered (Echolink) / St.Law. RACES
Florida 146.970 - 123.0 K2JJI secondary repeater Tryon ARC
Fonda 147.195 +   KC2AUO Mohawk Valley Amateur Radio Association
Glens Falls/Hebron/Burch 146.775 - 123 W2WCR system linked with North Creek (Gore) & Lake George (Prospect)
Gloversville 146.700 - 100 K2JJI (Echolink node 845553) Tryon ARC / Fulton Co. RACES
Note: PL will change to 123 on Dec.2
Lake George (Prospect Mt) 146.730 - 100 W2WCR system linked with North Creek (Gore) & Hebron
Lake Placid 147.300 + 100 N2NGK
Long Lake 146.640 - 162.2 KD2BAD Bear Bait Radio Club
Lowville (Crystaldale) 146.955 - n/a W2RHM Black River Valley A.R.C. (Echolink node AB2XN) / Lewis Co. RACES
Lyon Mountain 147.285 + 123 Champlain Valley Amateur Radio Club
Malone 147.090 +   NG2C
Malone 147.225 +   WB2YRB
North Creek (Gore Mt.) 147.135 + 123 W2WCR linked with Lake George (Prospect) & Hebron (Burch Hill/Glens Falls)
Northville 146.835 - 123 K2JJI Tryon ARC
Old Forge (McCauley Mt.) 147.315 + 71.9 KA2FWN
Plattsburg 147.150 + 123 Champlain Valley ARC (IRLP node 8293 East Coast Reflector 905 channel 0 trustee Van NV2M)
Potsdam 147.390 - 151.4 NT2W White Hill Parishville
Providence 147.210 + 91.5 K2DLL Saratoga Co. RACES linked with Corinth, Edinburg
Remsen (Starr Hill) 145.330 - 71.9 KB2AUJ Linked to Auburn, Cortland
Rome 146.880 - 71.9 W2QFQ Rome Radio Club
Russell 146.925 - 151.4 KA2JXI   St. Lawrence County ARES/RACES trustee AC2RH
Saranac Lake 147.030 + 100 W2WIZ Roland's
Speculator (Oak Mt.) 147.165 + n/a KA2VHF Hamilton County Amateur Radio Club / Ham. Co. RACES (open)
Tupper Lake (Mt. Morris) 147.330 + 100 W2TUP GARA  Linked - Interplex Network NEFMRA
Watertown 147.375 + 88.5 KC2ELX Jefferson County Radio Amateur Club
Watertown (Dexter) 147.030 + 151.4 AC2GE Thousand Islands Repeater Club Echolink
Whiteface 145.110 - 123 Emergency/Public Service Emcomm Only - Clinton/Essex County ARES-RACES

NORTHERN NEW YORK AREA UHF REPEATERS:     information current as of November 5, 2020

Location Frequency PL
Blue Mountain 442.750* + 103.5 N2MNT *narrowband / Hamilton County RACES
Burlington VT 443.150 + 100 W1FP NETARC
Cobleskill 445.075 - 100 KW2Y Five County Amateur Radio Club
Cohoes(ENY) 449.825 - 136.5 KD2BH
Fine 442.025 + 151.4 WA2NAN Oswegatchie Valley ARC (will be linked N-S UHF system)
Gloversville 443.700 + 100 K2JJI Tryon ARC
Jay Peak VT 447.225 - 100 K1JAY St. Albans Radio Club
Killinton VT 449. 825 + 110.9 W1ABI
Lake George(Prospect Mt) 443.450     also linked to W2WCR 2 mtr system repeater on 224.780
Lake Placid 449.675 - 192.8 N2NGK
Long Lake 443.850 + 162.2 Bear Bait Radio Club KD2BAD
Lowville (Crystaldale) UHF TBD     Link TBD (?Watertown/Old Forge)
Malone 444.650 + 110.9 NG2C
Mt. Equinox 444.050 + 100 NFMRA W1KFX
Ogdensburg 443.525 +   N2MX Mike
Old Forge (McCauley Mt.) 443.175 + 103.5 KA2FWN
Parishville 444.850 + 123 NT2W
Plattsburg 449.825 - 100 Plattsburgh Interplex
Plattsburgh 449.775 - 123 W2UXC CVARC (IRLP node 8293 East Coast Reflector 905 channel 0 trustee Van NV2M)
Remsen (Starr Hill) 449.925 - 71.9 KB2AUJ NYS UHF E-W Link System
Tupper Lake (Mt. Morris) 444.700 + 110.9 W2TUP GARA  Linked - Interplex Network NEFMRA will change analog-digital DMR
Watertown 443.150   151.4 KD2CPX Thousand Islands Repeater Club
Watertown (Dry Hill) 449.425 - 103.5 NYS East-West UHF Link System temporarily off air due to construction
Whiteface & Belfry Link 447.775 - 123 N2JKG

NNY Emergency Communications (ARES, RACES, MARS) [click here]


As of November 2020, the NNYARA is undergoing reorganization.
We are looking for hams in NNY interested in being officers or otherwise active in the association.
Please contact currert officers. NNY SM Tom Dick KF2GC, NNY SEC Pete Newell KC2WI, or SNNY DEC Rocco Conte WU2M.

NNYARA Officers:
  President Dan Simmons KC2BEZ
  Vice President Rick Sherman WZ2T
  Secretary Doug Sarr KC2WCE
  Treasurer Claude Premo WB2YDT

NNYARA discussion group on   Facebook Page   Facebook Group

ARRL Membership: Please join or renew your ARRL membership through your local club because the club gets a commission on ARRL memberships.

ARRL Northern New York Section Manager: Tom Dick KF2GC

Northern New York Club Web Sites:

Adirondack Amateur Radio Association Saranac Lake Facebook page
Bear Bait Radio Club Long Lake + Bridgeport
Black River Valley Amateur Radio Club Lewis County
Champlain Valley Amateur Radio Club
Plattsburg area
Greater Adirondack Repeater Assoc. Saranac Lake  
Hamilton County Amateur Radio Club S. Hamilton County
Jefferson County Radio Amateur Club
Jefferson County
Mohawk Valley Amateur Radio Association Montgomery County
North Country Amateur Radio Club Potsdam
North Franklin Amateur Radio Society Malone, N.Franklin Co.
Oswegatchie Valley Amateur Radio Club
St. Lawrence County
Schoharie County Amateur Radio Assoc Schoharie County new site under construction
Thousand Islands Repeater Club Jefferson County
Tri-Lakes Amateur Radio Club: Saranac Lake  
Tryon Amateur Radio Club: Fulton County

Other Nearby Clubs:

Boonville Amateur Radio Club
Fort Herkimer Amateur Radio Assoc.
Rome Radio Club
Saratoga Co. Amateur Radio Assoc.
Utica Amateur Radio Club
Warren County Amateur Radio Club

If your club is not listed or information is incomplete/incorrect, please contact KC2WI.

See for info on other "upstate" clubs,repeaters, and events.

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