Northern New York Section ARES
2017 Simulated Emergency Test October 7~8

All Amateur Radio Operators are encouraged to participate in the annual Simulated Emergency Test.

There will be a special session of the New York State Phone Traffic Emergency Net on 3925 at 12:30 Saturday. All stations are encouraged to check in.

A semi-coordinated NNY section-wide activity will take place from approximately 10 AM ~ 2 PM on Saturday.

Section Manager Tom KF2GC will be at the Essex County EOC on HF (3958, 7245) looking for contacts with any station, particularly other SET participants. There will also be a net on the 145.110 Repeater and Tom will be looking for contacts on 147.570 simplex.

Per Tom: "I am hoping we can have Amateur Radio Operators all across NNY participate whenever they can it would be nice to see what paths we have on HF & VHF Simplex or repeaters. Moreover I will be sending a general NNY SET Participant Msg. via APRS so I hope to get and give replies to everyone who has a linking digipeater for APRs These contacts will help us understand our capabilities in the event we have such an emergency demanding our assistance in the future.":

The basic objective is to test communications capabilities and propagation. Tom has provided log sheets you can use, and which he would like copies of after the exercise. They can be downloaded here:

NNY_SET_HF_ &_VHF_UHF_Participants_2017.doc NNY_SET_HF_ &_VHF_UHF_Participants_2017.pdf
NNY_SET_Digital_Participants_2017.doc NNY_SET_Digital_Participants_2017.pdf

We do not have a specific plan for digital on HF, but my suggestion is to attempt check in to the NY-NBEMS net at 10:00 AM on 7036 USB. Check in mode is Olivia 8- 500. Also try contacting other stations on HF-SSB and coordinating a move to a HF digital frequency.

Clinton County stations should check in with Tom and/or send Phil WG2W an APRs message. Please contact Phil for details.

Franklin County will be setting up and testing the AARA communications bus, and checking in to Tom's nets. Please contact KC2VMF for details.

St. Lawrence County will be participating in Tom's nets. Contact WA2NAN for details.

In Lewis County, a "Field Day" type portable operation will take place starting approximately 10 AM at the 3G field day grounds in Glenfield. This is an opportunity to play around with your portable setups, or to operate on HF even if you only have a Technician class license. Heavy rain or thunderstorms may force a change in plans, so listen/check in Saturday morning on the 146.955 BRVARC repeater. We will monitor the repeater so out of area stations wishing to contact us to coordinate a HF contact, digital, etc., can use Echolink node AB2XN or try KC2WI by cell 315-405-776zero. Additional activity may take place on the repeater Saturday afternoon/evening. Please contact KC2WI if interested.

Everyone is encouraged to check in to the regular session of the NYSPTEN 6 PM Saturday on 3925.

A SET "after action review" will take place 8:30 AM Sunday on 3958 during the regular North Country Group.

Please contact your county ARES Emergency Coordinator (see list here) to find out what is happening in your county. If no activity is planned, YOU are encouraged to get something going.

You can also contact Section Emergency Coordinator KC2WI if you want to participate.

Stations are also encouraged to send standard Radiogram messages by voice or digital on local nets or through the NTS to other NNY stations. Radiograms produced for the SET should have the word TEST added to the precedence.

Please note this is not a 'cut & dried' exercise. A successful activity depends on participation and on individual hams taking initiative to work out the details of contacts or how messages get transmitted.   NNY Emergency Communications info