Northern New York Section ARES
2016 Simulated Emergency Test

All Amateur Radio Operators are encouraged to participate in the annual Simulated Emergency Test.

The primary section-wide activity will be generating and passing formal written messages as outlined in this email sent to county Emergency Coordinators. .

Per generic SET guidelines available at Radiograms produced for the SET should have the word TEST added to the precedence.

Please contact your county ARES Emergency Coordinator (see list here) and Section Emergency Coordinator KC2WI if you want to participate.

This email sent to all NNY ECs describes the general plan.

Update email # 1 after Hamilton County meeting

Section Manager KF2GC Addendum

SEC coordination email to ECs Friday September 30


Please note this is not a 'cut & dried' detailed procedure. A successful activity depends on participation and on individual hams taking inititiave to work out the details of how messages get transmitted. .   NNY Emergency Communications info